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Turn Veggie
This is the single most important way an individual can make a difference . Being vegetarian is better for you , the animals and the earth . By giving up meat , you prevent 300 animals a year from being reared and slaughtered . You save the planets they would have consumed , upto 4 acres a year per goat . And you save yourself from cancer , Heart disease and obesity . Many of the world's greatest thinkers and statesmen have been vegetarian including Plato, Einstein and Mahatma Gandhi.
Modern Icons Madonna, Michael Jackson, Mahammad Ali, Martina Navratilova, Madhu Sapre ,Ruby Bhatia , paul McCartney, Sting, Kiran Bedi , Amitabh Bachan, T N Seshan and Maneka Gandhi are all vegetarian. If you too would like and help live, turn veggie today.

Give a Dog Home
To buy a dog supports the extremely cruel practice of breeding where pedigreed females are mated twice every year often with their own sons and brothers. The result is genetically weak animals who spend most of their lives at the mercy of bad vets. If you are looking for a dog as a companion, you need look no further than your own street. Indian dogs make loving, loyal and naturally health pets. When you take in a homeless puppy /dog off the street you rescue it from hunger ,cold , disease and certain death. dogs  co-exist quite happily and will actually benefit from the company

Be a P.A.L
(Prevent A Litter)
Every hour over 2000 dogs and cats are born in India ---- far more than can ever find good homes which is why millions of them become homeless ending up in shelters or struggling to survive on the street .Nor is it stray animals but pets that are largely responsible for this multiplication . Take the homeless animals in your locality to a shelter for free sterilization.

Free A Bird
Imagine being locked up for a life in a small cage with no room to even stretch . We don't do this even to hardened criminals , so why to beautiful little birds ?? Do not keep birds yourself . Report sellers to the police and get the birds released . Birds belong in the sky and you can help keep them there.

Volunteer at a Shelter
All animal welfare groups are strapped for both cash and volunteers . You can help . Raise funds through raffles and coupon sales . Approach corporates and local Rotary/ Lion's clubs for the sponserships of ambulances or medicine. Organise recruitment drives at schools and clubs . Develop contacts with the media to feature animal welfare issues.

Feed the birds
As buildings replace trees, birdslose their food and nesting sites. Plan bird friendly trees like jamun, shehtoot, neem, mango,guava and peopal in your area. put out grain and water everyday in your garden, balcony or roof. Birds love biscuit crumbs,bits of fruit and roti. If you come across a baby bird, find the nest from which it has fallen and replace it there. If you cannot find the nest, make one out of a basket and place it on the closest tree, out of harm's way till its parents can locate it. Keep a discreet watch till that happens.

Look After Your Animal & Look out for Others
Do you keep your dog chained -- This makes animals frustrated and freocious regularplay and attention is vital for a happy healthy animals.Dog must be walked atleast twice a day dont rush a animal . It is time to explore ,In summer dogs must never be left in closed cars or have their mouth tied as this will cause brain damage& death. Dogs remain healthy on a vegetrian diet. Be sure to include mashed,cooked soyabean. Fleas can be controlled by adding garlic, Vit B-complex and Vit C to their food. Counsel owners who ill treat or neglect their pets. If necessary help to re-home them.

Be a caring consumer
When you buy products made of animal parts ,you are in effect supporting their killing . the market is full of substitutes whether it's for leather or silk . Similarly drug and cosmetic companies like Gillete, P&G and Ranbaxy blind , batter, burn, mutilate and murder animals to test their products.
Kill business that kills animals.

Learn simple first aid
There are many times when an animal's life depends on immediate medical help and a vet is not available. Keep a copy of 'First Aid For Animals' (60/- available in bookshops or from Streling Publishers, L-10 Green park Extn, New Delhi-16) with you and use it to learn yourself as well as teach others. It will help you correctly diagnose animal illnesses as well as carry out treatment for minor illnesses and injuries yourself. Turn yourself into Florence Nightingale/Dog/cat/Pony/Puppy et al.

Stop Dissection In Schools
Under the law , dissection has now been declared optional in all schools. Alternatives like computer programmes slides, 3-D models and charts are easily available. Make a list of schools and check whether they've made the switch . Make copies of the Govt
order and list of alternatives ( available from PFA, A-4 Maharani Bagh) and contact Principles and students.Influence them to make the switch . Schools are required to furnish alternatives for the students who opt for them. Failure to do so may be challenged in court.