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Oxytocin ia a schedule H- drug which means it cannot be bought or sold without prescription. This makes its use by dairies illegal. It is also specifically banned under the Prevention of cruelty to animals Act 1960. So the laws already exists. What is required now is local enforcement. There are several ways your group can help to do this : Go to all the dairies and the chemists in your area with a notification declaring oxytocin a prescription drug (also enclosed). Inform them of consequences of their continued use and that you will not hesitate to report them to the police.

Inform the police stations in the area of the problem and enlist their support.

Contact the local media and ask them to take it up as a campaign by featuring regular articles on the dangers of Oxytocin to human health. Furnish them with this information based on your research. Write letters.

You can also print and distribute flyers on the subject explaining the relationship of what is injected into the cow’s body and the milk that she gives. You should address women’s groups and schools. Once consumers realise the danger that Oxytocin poses to their own health, they will join the movement to stop its use in our dairies.

Meet the municipal commissioner in this regard and see what help he can provide. may be you can get a directive from him to all chemist stores warning them against selling Oxytocin without a proper prescription.

Start this work and I will certainly assist your effort where ever possible.

Here are the relevant points to include :

  1. Oxytocin is a hormonal drug given to women in difficult cases of labour. It increases uterine contractions. It may only be given by a registered gynaecologist.
  2. It is a schedule H drug which means it cannot be sold without a prescription.
  3. In cows the flow of milk is stimulated by the calf’s nuzzling. Since dairy men kill the calf or else separate it from the mother, they inject the cow with Oxytocin to stimulate uterine contractions which will cause the milk to be let down.
  4. Oxytocin does not increase the amount of milk but merely makes it flow faster.
  5. It causes the equivalent of labour pains in the cow twice a day and destroys her reproductive system pre-maturely. She grows sterile in 4 years and is then abandoned on to the street or else slaughtered.
  6. Small quantities of the drug enter the milk and cause hormonal imbalances in humans affecting growth, eyesight, and fertility.
  7. Under the prevention Cruelty to Animals Act it is illegal to inject cattle with Oxytocin. It is also illegal under the Food & Drug Adulteration Act.
  8. Oxytocin vials are available for as little as 25 paise at pan shops and dhabas.
  9. Since Govt. has been unable to check this problem, consumers must take action. Ask your own milk man if he uses Oxytocin. Inform him of its dangers and that you will stop buying milk from him as well as report him to the police if he continues to do so.
  10. Organise a group who will regularly raid dairies and examine the premises for used syringes and other tell-tale signs. Offenders will be charged under the PCA Act. Approach local chemists and ask them not to sell Oxytocin without a prescription.

Organise raiding teams that will visit dairies on a regular basis.Look for evidence such as used syringes and discarded vials. Ask locals from where they get their milk and whether they have seen milkman using injections. Use this as evidence to file an FIR in the closest police station. Get a vet to accompany you on your visit to the dairies to explain to milkman the damage they cause to the cow by using Oxytocin and how she will go dry in just 3 years which will cause enormous loss to them. Also makes you sure that they understand that Oxytocin does not cause the production of more milk but only makes it rush out faster. The only way to increase the milk yield is to feed and rest the cow properly.

Similarly find a sympathetic/co-operative ploice man who will accompany your group to the chemists in the area and inform them that all sale of Oxytocin is forbidden without a doctor’s prescription. Show them the notification which is enclosed declaring Oxytocin a schedule H drug. Warn them that any violation will be prosecuted by your organzation. File complaints against chemist stores that are selling Oxytocin without prescription with the food and drug department.

It is important to take direct and practical steps to stop the misuse of Oxytocin. Do not waste time and money on seminars, they achieve nothing, since you will be talking to people that already agree with you. Instead direct your work towards dairy man and chemists.


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